Molecular Structure

PVC Air Blowing Ca-Zn Stabilizer

Item No.: 014
Main Ingredients: Calcium and Zinc Organic Stabilizer Composite System
Model Name:HKCZ-201 / HKCZ-201C
Appearance:White or Light Yellow Powder 
Product Brief
This series of products are environmental foam powder calcium zinc stabilizer, including import efficient chelator mixture, which is a high zinc formula. With the characteristics of rapid foaming, fine cell and bright appearance, high temperature resistance, this Ca-Zn stabilizer is especially suitable for soft PVC foam process (Injection molding foam, extrusion foaming process), such as PVC foaming slipper and PVC Injection moulded foaming carpet, PVC rolling foamed leather etc.
Properties of PVC Foam Blowing Special Ca-Zn Stabilizer
Main Ingredients: Calcium and Zinc Organic Stabilizer Composite System
Model Name:HKCZ-201 / HKCZ-201A
Appearance:White or Light Yellow Powder 
Metal Oxide Content(%): ﹥15.0a
Heating Loss(%): ﹤2.0
Initial Melting Point (℃): ﹥53
Thermo Gravimetric(%): ﹤8.0
(Certification) Sanitary Property:  Up to SGS testing standard EN71, ROHS, EN1122, EPA3 05B, PaHS. Etc.

Dosage:  1.2-1.5%

Application Characteristics
1. Rapid foaming, fine cell, High ratio of foam products;
2. Low plasticizing temperature, Rapid plasticization, Good liquidity, excellent processing performance;
3. Good thermal stability and weatherability, excellent initial colorability;
4. Cost performance comparable to lead and barium zinc stabilizers

Package & Storage
It must be stored in a cool, dry place, and kept away from hot steam pipes and fire sources to avoid direct sunlight. This auxiliary is packed by 25kg per bag.