Molecular Structure

PVC Air Blowing Composite

Item No.: 013
Model Name:FCZ615A
Appearance: White Powder (Without blowing agent)
Product Brief

This product is a PVC air blowing composite additive developed for simplify the processing formula, which contains a lot of the efficient compound complex, such as thermal stabilizer, imports of crosslinking functional polymer additives, and import slip agent etc. Main ingredient(PVC Resin + plasticizer) only need to add the additives, or foaming agent, pigments powder, and fillers, or a small amount of added expensive expansion agent and processing aids, has high foaming rate and foaming agent adding quantity is little, lighter 15-20% (with traditional formula system: stabilizer+ P-533J + Expancel Microspheres).
Because of the excellent thermal stability, PVC production process can through the high temperature of 210 degrees and there will be no PVC decomposition of yellowing phenomenon. With the characteristics of high whiteness, fine cell, excellent medium and long-term thermal stability and rubber elastic resilience. It can promote the decomposition of foaming agent at the same time and foam uniform speed. It’s recommended for PVC blowing foam slippers, PVC plastic foaming shoes, etc

Properties of PVC Air Blowing Composite 

Model Name:FCZ615A
Appearance White Powder (Without blowing agent)
Heating Loss(%): (90±2℃%)≦2.0
Initial Melting Point (): 70
Thermo Gravimetric(%): 8.0

Application Characteristics
  1. High foaming ratio; can be used in the high fill formula; super light foam products;
  2. Can no add or add a small amount of microsphere expansion agent; can need not add processing AIDS;
  3. Fine and smooth cell; no pinhole, no big hole; strong sense of rubber of foam products;
  4. With PVC crystal pieces fit, not yellow, black.
Recommended Dosage:

2.5-2.8% (Blow Air Foam)

Package & Storage

It must be stored in a cool, dry place, and kept away from hot steam pipes and fire sources to avoid direct sunlight. It is strictly prohibited to direct contact with acid and alkali. The auxiliary is packed by 25kg per bag.