Molecular Structure

PVC Air Blowing Foaming Agent

Item No.: 015
Main Ingredients: Azobisformamide
Appearance:Light Yellow Powder
Model Name:AC-9
Product Brief
This foaming agent of fine particle size, uniform distribution, decomposition temperature appropriate, decomposition speed, high gas evolution, dispersing performance is superior; the decomposition of residues is white, does not affect the product color, and give blowing PVC slippers, PCU fine cell pore structure.  After finalize the design, the product will be narrow, which is recommended for PVC blowing foam injection molding process.

Properties of PVC Air Blowing Foaming Agent
Main Ingredients: Azobisformamide
Model Name:AC-9
AppearanceLight Yellow Powder 
Decomposition Temperature()200±2
Gas VolumeSTP(ml/g): 235
Average Particle Size (µm)4-6

Application Characteristics
1. Big gas evolution, particle size narrow distribution range, good foaming synchronicity;
2. Decomposition of fine particle size, fast speed, low residue, high whiteness;
3. Foam foaming temperature influence is small, the middle layer is not yellow;
4. Production of thick PVC soles, expansion agent can reduce the microspheres

Recommended Dosage:  0.5-0.7%

Package & Storage

It must be stored in a cool, dry place. This foaming agent is packed by 25kg per bag.