Molecular Structure

PVC Air Blowing Processing Aid

Item No.: 016
Appearance:White Powder 
Model Name:P-533J
Product Brief
This product is PVC slippers, blowing PCU high-grade processing modified additives, can gift of PVC blowing slipper, the PCU uniform, fine bubble pore structure, improve product surface quality and increase the intensity of the role, can improve the liquidity of the material, have the function of the internal and external lubrication, effectively improve the liquidity of material, lower processing temperature, promote the plasticization of PVC, eliminate products injection on the surface of the grain, fish eye and points.

Properties of PVC Blowing Processing Aid
Model Name:P-533J
AppearanceWhite Powder 
Residue on Sieve: (30 Items) 2.0
Volatile: 1.5
Bulk Density: 0.40-0.50 G/CM³
Intrinsic Viscosity: 11.-12.0
Molecular Weight: 3-5 Millions

Dosage  0.5-1.5%

Package & Storage
It must be stored in a cool, dry place. 20Kg per bag.