Molecular Structure

PVC Injection Moulding Blowing Composite

Item No.: 038
Model Name: FBZ-950 Series
Appearance: White Powder
Product Brief
This product contains environmental heat stabilizer, blowing agent and lubricant, takes the place of the traditional formula system: stabilizer + P-533J + expandable microsphere + lubricant. It has the advantage of excellent temperature resistance, high blowing ratio, much lighter 15-20% than the old formula. With the characteristic of good whiteness, uniform fine cell, and excellent rubber resilience for the production of shoes, it is recommended to use in PVC Injection foaming leisure and sports shoes.

Model Name: FBZ-950 Series
Appearance: White Powder
Heating Loss(%): (90±2℃%)≤2.0
Initial Melting Point (℃): ≥70
Thermo Gravimetric(%):(200±5℃%)≤8.0

Application Characteristics
1,  Non-toxic, environmental, and solved the problem of the yellowing of white product by using Lead stabilizer;
2,  Super light, the foam product is much lighter 15-20%, suitable for highly filled formula (80-200% CaCo3 powder);
3,  After foaming, cells do not collapse, uniform and fine; excellent fluidity and no air bubbles in the epidermis;
4,  Simplified the formula.

Recommended Dosage: 2.5-3.0%

Package & Storage
It must be stored in a cool, dry place.
The additive is packed by 20kg per bag or 25kg per bag.