Molecular Structure

XPE Foaming Agent

Item No.: 001
Chemical Name:Modified Azodicarbonamide
Fine uniform Microcell
Appearance:Fine Yellow Powder
Model Name:H-1500PE

Product Brief

This foaming agent is exclusively used in high-rate foaming technology(from 10 to 35 times) for the continuous extrusion of chemical cross-linking polyethylene. With the characteristics of narrow foaming temperature range, rapid foaming, fine cell and bright appearance, the quality can stand comparison quite happily with the one made by  Korea.

Properties of XPE Foaming Agent

Chemical Name:Modified Azodicarbonamide
Grade Name:H-1500PE
Appearance:Fine Yellow Powder
Decomposition Temperature(℃):185-190
Gas Volume(STP)(ml/g): 200-210
Average Particle Size (µm):15-21
Moisture Content (%):0.2
PH Value: 7.0-7.5

Application Characteristics

1. Fine uniform microcell, smooth Surface;
2. High whiteness, high ratio of foam products;
3. High temperature resistance, excellent shrinkage resistance, strong stability.


Package & Storage

It must be stored in a cool, dry place, and kept away from hot steam pipes and fire sources to avoid direct sunlight. It is strictly prohibited to direct contact with acid and alkali. The foaming agent is packed by 25kg per bag and 2tons per a lot.